First Steps! - System Code and Mobile Thoughts

Jan 7, 2011
Work is progressing on RoboEngine. The system aspect is almost finished. Windows are being created. Input is being processed. Good news.

As I'm going to always try to do on updates here, have a screenshot! It's really interesting:

For the underlying system aspects, I chose to use SDL for windowing and input. It allows for simple cross platform windowing capabilities between Windows, Linux, and OS X and takes some of the low level code out of the engine itself. The one downside to SDL is its relative slowness when directly handling 2D graphics. SDL's blitting and image processing power leaves something to be desired, and I'd rather not have to deal with it at a later date, so the engine is being designed to use OpenGL for image rendering. Frameworks for 2D image processing will be put directly into the engine, but theoretically, RoboEngine could be used as a low level cross platform framework for 3D games, even though it would just basically be a layer on top of SDL.

In the back of my head, I'm planning the mobile platform port while writing the computer side of things. The iPhone port should drop fairly easily into the existing framework, but some of the unique features, specifically specific touch and gesture processing, of the platform are going to be lost. Unfortunately, there's no real way to build a cross-platform framework like this without losing some features. You can still always use the native API's if you want, and it should fit in fine with the system.

Android is a different boat all together, one that I haven't done any research on yet. Once image loading/rendering is up and running, I'll turn towards the mobile ports and hopefully get them up and running soon!

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