Block Drop!

Block Drop! is a small game made to prototype ideas for a cross platform 2D game engine. The backend uses SDL for windowing, rendering, and audio. As of now, there is a Mac OSX (10.5+) version, and a Windows port will be available in early January.


You can download the source code and data for the project below. The code includes an XCode project in the projects/XCode directory. SDL, SDL_image, SDL_ttf, and SDL_mixer must be installed. Default location for the frameworks is in /Users/Frameworks/. was a planned social networking portal for college musicians. While studying at the University of Rochester, Stephen noticed that it was impossible to find all of the shows that were happening in the Rochester area listed in one place. This, coupled with his passion for and involvement with various student music groups, led him to found with a fellow student. Recursive Acronym was responsible for the technical aspect of the business, starting with the official website. After a year, the project was abandoned due to a lack of interest by the community.

At the time of dissolution, the site contained a fully featured event calendar, social networking system for people interested in the music scene , and a news system backend. All backend programming was done in house using php/mySQL and jQuery.

Other Projects

In addition to web development, Stephen has worked on several other independent projects.

A Simple Melody Composition Engine

Produced as part of an independent study for a math class. Generates a simple melody and first species counterpoint to accompany the generated melody. Generator coded using Python. Click here to download the source and the accompanying paper.

Fractal Terrain Using the Midpoint Displacement Algorithm

Produced as part of an ongoing independent study into fractal terrain generation. The code is a simple implementation of the Midpoint Displacement Algorithm using Python. Further work in the field is ongoing leading towards a small research paper. Click here to download the source.


A small game coded as a one day game project for the Rensselaer Computer Game Development Academy. Programming was done by Stephen, with artistic help provided by three other teammates. Requires Python and Pygame to run. From the planes directory, you can run python code/ to run the game. Movement is controlled by the arrow keys and space shoots. Click here to download.